This weekend Densil and I (plus my carer) had a rare and beautiful outing to consider our next investment celebrate our notching up of 29 wedded years.

29 years of wedded love and walking up the world’s steepest street and “do you want dinner?” and laughter and thesis slog and multimedium jewellery making and music and weekend sleep-ins and Christmas Eve Taizé and family and San Fran eclipses and surprise award ceremonies and adaptation and getting left behind on islands and (not trying then trying and trying and wonderfully) making an excellent person and companionship and bridge-crossing for reconciliation and Murray River camping (intense!) and grief and Mad Hatters Bushbanding and Bulgarian fat stew and entertainment and Spring bulb resplendence and Godzilla and parenting and scrap metal furniture and “You can smirk in Hell” and uncertainty and dinner with friends and teatowel-wrapped lebkuchen and encouragement and sound art installations and cockatoo communing and creativity and parent teacher interviews and concert hall tours and adventure and picnics in the park and train commutes (getting off at Redfern) and compromise and farewelling loved ones and Lawson grocery shopping and communication and theatre gallivanting and Pescal and sacrifice and sax/bass/keyboard jamming (lagerphone anyone?) and voting yes and aging and Neufchâtel clockwork and meeting new niecephews and silliness and hanging out washing and Bluey the (purportedly male) ovulating budgie and hope and pizzabeerTV nights and cherry blossom and teamwork and (insert swear words of choice) MND and family birthday celebrations and complacency and Escalade pot-smashing and Hanshin Tigers baseball and joy and Canyonleigh walks to the dam and finding Super Dickmann’s in Paris and despair and media appearances and swell ferry trips and intimacy and the Good Weekend quiz at Roger Bakery and long marking sessions and patience and Bright starlit nights and emergency hospitalisations and disruption and the snow-buried Aomori art museum and water’s edge penguins and comfort and an enigmatic pet kumara and beginner Italian/Japanese classes and peace and Pitt St neighbourhood group and Spohr’s Four Paws poetry and bliss.

One thought on “29!

  1. What a couple! When you scribe it like that ..Isn’t marriage wonderful? You sure know how to count your blessings. Love to you Kirsty, Densil and Kimi XXX


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