Third cubic anniversary

27 years ago we held hands in St Margaret’s and pledged our love for each other, whatever might come.

26 years ago we moved into our current home.

25 years ago we fell in love with the first of our nieces and nephews the moment she was born.

24 years ago you transformed polished steel and giant pipes into a visceral MCA soundscape.

22 years ago we met up in an expensive, dingy room at the Greenwich Village YMCA.

18 years ago you supported me in the transition from the ABC to Network Insight.

15 years ago we spent 6 months away, in Auckland, Parma, San Fransisco, Kobe and Seoul, and you helped out as I ignorantly ordered extra pesto.

13 years ago, today, we caught a taxi home from RPA with our tiny precious k.

11 years ago you cheered me on as I swam around Plantation Island.

10 years ago you cunningly scheduled our 3 months in Sendai to start the month after my PhD submission deadline.

9 years ago we drove to Victoria hoping to farewell Dad, and on the way home you detoured to Canyonleigh to take beautiful photos and collect stones for his funeral.

8 years ago we walked k to her first day of school.

7 years ago we looked out an aeroplane window at the Southern aurora.

6 years ago we held hands as we received the dreadful news that I have motor neurone disease.

5 years ago we returned from a wonderful cruise and had some precious time with your Mother Mary during her final weeks.

4 years ago we welcomed our furry lucky tiger.

3 years ago we wheeled and walked our annual stretch of the Bright rail trail.

2 years ago we got used to emergency trips to hospital.

Almost 6 months ago you and k helped save my life.

Yesterday I asked if you could bring another dress in to hospital.

And today you did.

Thanks for everything, dearest Densil. I love you.

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