Social isolation strategies

Part of the advice for dealing with social isolation is to practise a hobby. Our cat has adopted unboxing.

Also, those wondering how to celebrate special occasions in this time of COVID-19 might wish to adapt what I did last year for my 50th birthday, in the midst of my long stay in ICU: A 50th birthday invitation

I was greeted with a beautiful, creative, diverse display of loving community, some of which is catalogued here: Thankyou!

3 thoughts on “Social isolation strategies

  1. Hi Kirsten,
    I’ve been thinking of you and meaning to message you. So far self-isolation hasn’t made a huge difference to me as I’m fairly well adapted to being home for months at a time, especially in flu season. I have well-established blogging and internet connections. What is different is having the family home with Geoff working from home and the kids supposedly doing school work from home. Have been hearing much laughter from A’s room today. Well, she’d probably be talking in class at school so this is no different.
    I’ve gone with a variation of the hobby idea and spoke to our family about having their Corona Project. Something constructive to come out of this traumatic time. Geoff’s project is renovating the caravan ready for isolation. Mine is my research into WWI soldiers and I’m currently research an AFL Game held in London 28th October 1916 and it’s taken 3 days to almost formulate the list of soldiers, their teams and units. The game itself was organised by ex-Olympic swimmer Frank Beaurepaire who was the YMCA Secretary for the 3rd Battalion. Jonathon used to play AFL or Auskick and went on at half time during the 1st grade at both the SCG and ANZ Stadium. Geoff also played veternas sfor awhile until he left the field with planterfasiatus At the end of every match, these guys looked like death warmed up and in need of a fleet of ambulances. However, they still went back week after week and Geoff was disappointed to make his premature retirement.
    I had my first OT session on zoom today. Have you tried using it? It went very well.It’s definitely time to get innovative.
    Take care and I really hope you can steer clear of the virus.

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      1. Oh yes. It’s hard to believe our world has changed so suddenly and it’s hard to know how it’s all going to pan out. Things in Australia seem to be on a different trajectory but of course no one knows what all this means. I really like our Deputy Chief Medical Officer. He does a great job.
        I hope you and the family are keeping well and had a Happy & Blessed Easter. Love, Ro

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