Before or after?: that is the question

After my morning ablutions one carer pushes me, enthroned on my commode, while the other follows with the attached vent stand in a stately procession down the hallway to the lounge room. Via a complicated series of tucks and leans and pulls and pushes a sling is arranged around me and I am hoisted up so that my head reaches the dizzying height it used to when I could stand. Whilst thus suspended, one carer crouches to “freshen up” and apply cream to my undercarriage then pull the back of my dress forward to cover my derrière; the other is tasked with carefully watching my face in case the movement affects my head position or breathing. I often wonder what is the appropriate facial expression for this overly intimate situation, and whether my face is adopting it.

During this morning’s levitation I watched our cat as he sprawled on the carpet and performed his own private ablutions. He suddenly realised he was being observed and his face immediately transformed in a way that reminded me of the meme above. I’m feeling the feline affinity, and will attempt to emulate him tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Before or after?: that is the question

  1. A friend of mine went to a fancy dress party dressed as Kiss and a friend of ours did the makeup and it was very effective. I thought something like that might be helpful.
    I hope you’re going along okay there. Humour is a wonderful tonic but I find when I am really funny, that’s when the shit (no pun intended) really hits the fan.
    I am feeling quite rattled by my fall this afternoon. I don’t think I banged my head but I’ve been feeling fuzzy and suspect that the stress is affecting my breathing. I hit the ground with such a thump and the people around me asking if I was okay and I couldn’t get up and nothing was moving. Ambulance? Of course, that’s a no. However, I knew I was in a bit of trouble and of course I’d lost my mobile a few days ago and this compounded the situation. Yet, with all of that going on, there was such beautiful human kindness and compassion. A man who went to his car to get his medical kit and came back with the larger sized plasters I needed. The teacher who went and got ice and dropped me to Mc Donalds where I was meeting my friend who cheered me up so much. Love makes such a difference in challenging circumstances. You know all about that. Well, I’d better get to bed. Love to you my friend,


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