69 months = 23 trimesters

23 trimesters since my MND diagnosis! So grateful: to still be here; for each day with my amazing, precious k and Densil, who have done, still do, so much to keep me alive and wanting to be here; for our beautiful families and friends, who bring such love and kindness into our lives; for my caring neurologist Dom, GP Anna and healthcare team; for the wonderful support of MNDNSW, good carers, the NDIS and unisuper TPD cover; for Neuronode, Bipap and other technological advances that enable me to write and breathe (goodonya Aussie inventors!); for the MND/ALS community, lighting our way with shared stories and fantastic feats of awareness-raising, and opportunities to contribute; for dedicated researchers and the hope of effective treatments; for a ridiculously rich pre-MND life; for holidays and shows and catch-ups and swims and meals and celebrations that weren’t left too late; for simple pleasures – the happy sounds of music practice and birds singing in the rain, our domestic tiger, ABC radio, crossword collaboration, comedic shows and moments, the serendipity of hearing about Leigh Sales’ new book as I was finishing Amelia Westlake; for opportunities to keep learning; for having outlived the Lycra-clad prime-ministership of mistarabbit (thoughts with American friends); for nieces and nephews who fill me with pride and so many other friends and rellies working to make the world a better place; for things to look forward to – tomorrow’s visit from school friends, accidental anarchic matinee mortality, downtime with D and k, family coming next weekend, Tim Minchin tickets …; and that pregnancies don’t last 23 trimesters!

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