26 years!

26 years! This fine fellow and I have shared:

Ersatz nachos, genuine Sacher torte and pineapple kitkats

Leeches, leaf insects and lost water pouches

Dodgy hostels, secluded lighthouses and polystellar hotel rooms

Aurora Australis through aeroplane windows, sculpture park moonrise and caravan park rainbows

Beach mission bushdances, Argentinian operas and primary school band extravaganzas

Familiar mnemonics, goldfish quilting and silver soldering

Poems, proofreadings and prizegivings

Beers, bears and (wild) bores

Scrabble atrocities, Rubik’s cube solving and McMaster cheating

Art gallery scaffold scrambles, harbour bridge ascensions and mineshaft descents

Lars von Triers, clockwork oranges and Greenaway grandiosities

Laughter at private jokes, laughter at Mad As, laughter of Stelarc

All day phone calls, solitary silences and all night birthings

Prenatal trepidation, parental steep learning curves, parental pride

Tears in neurology offices, tears of loss, tears of frustration

Families of birth, family-like friends and family we’ve created

Thank you, Densil my love, for this and much much more.

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